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Port of Long Beach
MAKING IT! TV PRESENTS: American Honda (Part 1 of 3) - Dana Hali, CeteraMarkeing
By Making It! TV Presents
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Dana Hali
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Making It! TV Presents
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I love telling compelling stories with words and video! My favorite subjects are the diverse women and men of the entrepreneurial and small business communities. These people are the bedrock and fabric of America. Electronic media has been my profession and business for all of my adult life so those are the platforms I use to tell award winning stories of success and achievement.


“MAKING IT! Minority Success Stories” offers its sponsors a special media vehicle to support their small business & multicultural marketing, public affairs, and minority vendor development agendas.


As an experienced small business owner and Executive Producer of America’s most lauded Small Business TV show “Making It!” I do have stories to share with members of your group!


It’s about much more than making a better video technology investment decision. If it was that simple we would have been crowded out by the video producers who simply have the easily available equipment.