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By Making It! TV Presents
The Port of Long Beach
Port of Long Beach
MAKING IT! TV PRESENTS: American Honda (Part 1 of 3) - Dana Hali, CeteraMarkeing
By Making It! TV Presents
Dana Hali | Cetera Marketing
Dana Hali
Television & Video Productions
Making It! TV Presents
By Nelson Davis Productions
Disney Supplier Diversity
Corporate Video
Radio/Audio Productions
Radio/Audio Productions


Nelson Davis

I love telling compelling stories with words and video!  My favorite subjects are the diverse women and men of the entrepreneurial and small business communities. These people are the bedrock and fabric of America. Electronic media has been my profession and business for all of my adult life so those are the platforms I use to tell award winning stories of success and achievement.

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Small business expert Nelson Davis’ “MAKING IT!” is the brand under Nelson Davis Productions (NDP) that produces electronic media focused on small and mid sized business. This includes broadcast television programs, non-broadcast corporate video, and broadcast radio. The company began in 1988 based on the following dream: “We want to be a leader in using electronic media to inspire, educate and support the dreams of people of diverse communities. We have a special passion for small business owners and the entrepreneurs who are cornerstones to the American dream.”

“MAKING IT! TV” is the multiple awards winning weekly series from “MAKING IT!” which has received four Emmy awards for best “Informational/Public Affairs Series.” With its total focus on small business owners, the program has aired for over two decades.

Nelson Davis Productions - Disney


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Southern California Gas Company

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Southern California Edison

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Bank of America 293

Bank of America

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Port of Long Beach

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