At age fifteen, Calleen Cordero began working in a high-end boutique in northern California, igniting her passion for footwear. By age sixteen, she was traveling to Europe, working full time as a buyer. She moved to marketing and sales, helping to create markets for well-known American designers. There was no southern California infrastructure for shoe making, but Calleen strove to realize her passion. She began working in her windowless basement and to finance her work, she took a $5,000 loan, took in boarders, sold her cars, and refinanced her house. Her creations are now all handmade in her factory in North Hollywood, California. She purchases her leather in Italy and produces orthopedic and ergonomic shoes with hand sculpted wooden bottoms and modeled leather soles. She opened her first retail store in 2005 to showcase CALLEEN CORDERO DESIGNS, INC. and is now running a worldwide business. She ships her products within the United States and to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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