Maxwell Lee is the owner of ADENNA, INC., a manufacturer and distributor of latex rubber gloves. It currently supplies 1 billion gloves throughout the United States as well as to Mexico and Canada. He came upon the idea after speaking to relatives in Asia who were looking to push their products to America. Maxwell saw the potential but was unfamiliar with rubber gloves and had little money to create a business. Nonetheless, he decided to take the risk and used his savings as capital. His instincts were correct. His idea turned into a successful venture and was named one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in 2004. Maxwell continues to innovate by reinvesting his profits into research and development. Adenna is creating a new glove called “Miracle,” which contains vitamins and herbal extracts for moisturizing and comfort. Maxwell is also working to expand his company by establishing a joint venture in China.


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