is the nation’s first online provider of comprehensive legal documentation services. The basic goal of the business is to be of assistance and convenience to those who need to take care of routine, uncontested legal matters without the time or costs of hiring an attorney. The website offers simple questionnaires and help menus that guide customers to make their own legal decisions and also create their own customized legal documents. The company also offers live one-on-one assistance for final review of documents to ensure completeness and consistency by legal document assistants. Brian Lee (President) and Brian Liu (CEO), the co-founders of met at UCLA’s School of Law. The business started out of Lee’s apartment, with barely any money, and no staff to assist them. The duo took a chance and phoned high-power attorney Robert Shapiro who listened, liked their idea, and together, the three formed an alliance that has proven to be successful and unique. Shapiro’s influence was getting the name out to the media and the legal world, while the two Brian’s were the one’s who found the money, the space, and created the plan to get the business organized. Today they are based in Hollywood and employ eighty people in a 30,000 square foot office space. They also have a satellite office in Las Vegas. The numbers of last year’s gross revenues were in the multi-millions of dollars and the actual growth of the business was over 400 percent.

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