Karl Kani got his start in the Brooklyn projects, peddling logo-emblazoned tees and baggy linen suits sewn by his fathers tailor. In 1999, he developed a business plan with his accountants to start his own urban sportswear company, Karl Kani, which currently has revenues of $65 million worldwide. He left the urban market to start a contemporary denim line. He connected with Fame Church in Los Angeles, which has an investment fund to help local businesses. With the churchs help, he raised enough money to develop the contemporary denim line. He embraces the challenge of following trends and takes care to not saturate the market so that his jeans are always in demand. His jeans are made from Japanese denim and are produced entirely in California so that he can control the product quality. His celebrity clientele includes Mischa Barton, Jessica Simpson, and Ashlee Simpson. He hopes to triple his revenues as he distributes his denim line to major department stores.

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