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The “Making it!” Digest features a diverse selection of articles

relating to entrepreneurial thinkers and business people

which will provide valuable motivation and guidance in all your business endeavors


Business Startup

Latest Business Article!

Twelve Tips to Keep

Your Company Growing

Create your marketing plan

in 5 easy steps!

When it comes to marketing, your small business needs a plan. If you have put it off because you didn’t know where to start, follow these steps – and get started right now!

How to: 5 Tips for Self-Publishing

Be well on your way to self-publish your book with these sure fire tips!

Advice for Novice Freelance Writers

Freelance Careers every writer should know about

Business Loan Glossary

Great Print Out! A quick guide to terms associated with business loans and financing

Latest Business Article!

How to Choose a Business Partner

Avoid the risks and complications this process can entail with these helpful tips

How to Raise Money for

Starting A Business

Detailed solutions on how to raise money for starting a business.

New Business Article!

Real Estate Survival Guide

Choose the right location for your

business in an uncertain marketplace

New Business Article!

How to Protect your Invention

when Pitching It

A must read!

What type of

Business Structure is Best?

Learn the differences between each of the six basic business structures and which may be best for your business.

Business Idea and

Opportunity Evaluation

Before you take your next business plunge, examine these two models that entrepreneurs use to evaluate their business plans and ideas

Freelancing as A

Career Option

Start your business by working from home or from the local coffee shop! 



Customer & Client Relations

Latest Business Article!

Client relationships: when to take on something new

When to take on a new client,

and dealing with existing clients

Tips for Selling to a Cynical Customer

Overcome the barriers of your cynical potential customer

Getting Customers to Buy More

Want to increase profits? Try this smart upselling technique and watch sales soar.

Latest Business Article!

Finding and Managing Leads

Latest Business Article!

Relationship Marketing

Study the Soil before Planting The Crop

Top Ten Places to Network

Opportunities for business expansion in places you pass by everyday and may not have even considered!

New Business Article!

Body Language in Business

Properly strategize your business endeavors based on a prospects body language! Plus, how body language can help you maximize customer/client relations!

Impress Potential Investors

in 12 steps!

To convince investors to fund your business, you'll need to address their chief concerns. Here's how to craft a presentation to do just that

New Business Article!

Proper Business Card Etiquette

How to use business cards as a proper and effective tool with prospective and existing clients.

A must read!

Breaking the Ice and

Winning Over the Client

The skills top professionals are using that will help impact your next presentation! 

 Unlock the Value of

your  Customers

Maximize relations with your existing customers.



Business Insight and Beyond

Latest Business Article!

How Advertising Works

Re-examining the multi-facets of

advertising as a business owner

Direct Selling offers Flexibility and Financial Freedom

If you want to spread your entrepreneurial wings but have little or no business experience, direct selling might be the ideal opportunity.

Marketing Metrics

How to integrate new media & the web into your marketing campaigns.

Building your Business by Building Relationships

Give your business the competitive edge with a personal entrepreneurial touch!

5 tips for

Successful Business Financing

Ninety-five percent of busines start-ups are backed by a patchwork of savings and personal loans. Here are tips to do it right.

Mindset Exercises to Reach your Maximum Business Potential

"What type of person you are and how successful you are at any endeavor has a lot to do with what mindset you allow to..."

Jobs You Didn't Know You Wanted

Careers you may want to pursue in your down time. 

Aerobic Exercises for the Brain

Unveil what research says about adding this key componenet to your business endeavors!!

New Business Article!

The Power of Politics in Business

How to succeed in your business and career endeavors through politics


New Business Article!

The Most Expensive Web Addresses

Chime in on this latest business trend before your competitors beat you to it!

5 Tips for Reaching the Rich

Put your product into the hands of the wealthy with these surefire ways to get your company noticed.

What Makes A

Good Company Great?

Dig into the #1 Best Seller, Good to Great.