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  The Making It! Small Business Tool Box  

Welcome to the Making It! Small Business Tool Box!

Are you thinking about starting a business but just don't know where to begin? Perhaps you are already a business owner and are looking for some further guidance. Here is a collection of resources for all of your entrepreneurial and small business needs.

Business Quizzes & Self Assessments






























Entrepreneurial Self Assessments 

Assess your Entrepreneurial Characteristics


Is Entrepreneurship for me?


Assess Your Entrepreneurial Skills


Are You Ready to Start a Business?


Are You a Good Leader?


Business Planning

Have You Sized Up the Competition?


Will Your Small Business Turn a Profit?


Will E-Commerce Rake in Sales for Your Small Business?


Is your company ready to take the leap into the world of e-commerce?



Are You Qualified for a Line of Credit?


Is Your Bank an Asset for Your Small Business?


Human Resources

Is Your Business Employee-Friendly?


Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?


What is Your Leadership Quotient?


Are You Inspiring Your Small Business Employees?



Do You Know How to Legally Protect Your Small Business?


What’s the Verdict on Your Attorney?


Marketing & PR

Are Your PR and Marketing Tactics Serving Your Small Business Well?


Is Marketing an Effective Part of Your Business Strategy?


Do You Run Your Small Business or Does It Run You?


Has Your Small Business’ Stuff Taken Over?


Sales & Customer Service

Are You Reaching Your Sales Potential?


Do Your Customers Come Back for More and Help You Spread the Word?


Do You Groom Your Employees to Grow Your Business?


How Well Do You Network?




Owner's Checklist for Starting a Business


Homebased Business Startup Checklist


Business Relocation Checklist


How to Write a Business Plan Checklist


Checklist for Business Recovery


The Beginner's Checklist for Learning SEO


The Beginner’s Checklist for Small Business SEO


Steps to Registering a Business


SBA Loan Application Checklist




Defintions & Terms

Quick Reference

Business Loan Glossary


Accounting Terms and Definitions


SEO Terms and Definitions


Extended Library

Accounting Terminology


Dictionary of Business Terms


Dictionary of Banking Terms


Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms


Dictionary of Marketing Terms




Business Plan for Startup Business (Microsoft Word Format)


Business Plan for Established Business (Microsoft Word Format)


Board of Advisors (PDF)


Start-Up Expenses (Excel Format)

Bank Loan Request for Small Business (PDF)

Balance Sheet (Projected) (Excel Format)


Marketing Plan Outline

PR Plan Outline by Sherrel Dorsey of



Startup Costs Calculator


Cash Flow Calculator


Discounted Cash Flow Calculator


Break-even Calculator


Conversion Rate Calculator


Investment Offering Calculator


Direct Mail Marketing ROI Calculator


Email ROI Calculator


PPC ROI Calculator


Equipment Buy vs. Lease


Financial Ratios