We Did Build That

During any heatedly contested political battle, passions and rhetoric run hot and it’s easy for the combatants to stumble off the page and into the ever present political quicksand. I write about small business, not politics, but the candidates vying … Read More

Networking For Real

If ever a business buzz word has been mashed and hammered into something unrecognizable, it is “Networking.” Some people see a networking event simply as a hundred yard dash to give and receive as many business cards as possible in … Read More

Top Minority Business – Panda Express

In a highly saturated fast-food industry, the Asian owned Panda fast food enterprise is conquering the taste buds of Americans with gourmet Chinese cuisine. Andrew Cherng started the enterprise with his father in 1973. With a SBA loan they set … Read More

Is Entrepreneurship a Four Letter Word?

In the course of telling the stories of over 1000 business owners, I‘ve had a wonderful first hand education in the art and spirit of entrepreneurship. In fact, that fundamental part of the American character has become the center of … Read More