A Pandemic Recession Holds a Lesson (Nelson Davis)

A Pandemic Recession Holds a Lesson

Just reading a few paragraphs of history lets me know that pandemics are a very corrosive acid to job markets. If job offers become depressively scarce it may be time to place a respirator on the scary thought of starting your own business now. … Read More

Entrepreneur Explorer - Nelson Davis 1200px

Entrepreneur Explorer

What makes an entrepreneur tick? If you care even a little bit about hearing them tell you their personal stories then join me in my adventures. … Read More

between the lines

Between the Lines

Barry Kibrick, John Hope Bryant and me on the set of “Between the Lines” TV Show.

Nelson speaking on -The Wisdom of 1000 Entrepreneurs- to the Santa Monica

The Wisdom of 1000 Entrepreneurs

Nelson Davis was speaking on “The Wisdom of 1000 Entrepreneurs” to the Santa Monica Rotary Club.

Nelson Davis and Michele Ruiz

Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

Nelson Davis with Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

Nelson with Freya Estreller-Co - Owner of Coolhaus Ice cream

Nelson Davis with Freya Estreller

Nelson Davis with Freya Estreller – Co-Owner of Coolhaus Ice cream.

Time Tells A Story - Nelson Davis Productions

Time Tells A Story

Smart in Any Language When my company put the small business TV show “Making It” on the air in 1989 the very first story in episode #1 was the fascinating tale of a brother and sister team of business owners … Read More

Nelson Davis & Arsenio Hall

Nelson Davis & Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall is preparing a return to TV with a new show. It has been about fifteen years since we’ve seen each other and we had a fun conversation at a promo taping session.


Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson whom we featured on our Making It! show a few years ago is the subject of an excellent ESPN documentary, “30 for 30.” He’s been involved in several businesses and that is why we spent some time together. … Read More

Russell Simmons and Nelson Davis

Russell Simmons and I

Russell has moved to Los Angeles, a potentially traumatic change for a New York guy. I admire his business smarts and continue to read his book “Do You” 12 laws to achieve happiness and success. He shared some of those … Read More