Business consultant Dr. Marissa Pei

Business consultant Dr. Marissa Pei talks about the importance of customer service.

By Women, For Women – Wendi Williams-Stern

Wendi Williams-Stern ( was an R&B singer in the 1990s. When her entertainment career slowed down, she redirected her energy to starting a business. She created BAT(H)QOL, which means “heavenly voice,” and began designing handbags. After enjoying a great deal … Read More

Competing with The Big Dogs – Lavetta Willis

Lavetta Willis went to law school to become a sports agent. However, an interview for an internship changed her life. She was told that women often encounter many difficulties breaking into the sports industry, and she should explore athletic apparel. … Read More

Marissa, Maria, and Vincent Derosa (Picasso’s Cafe Bakery & Deli)

Marissa, Maria, and Vincent DeRosa are the owner’s of Picasso’s Café Bakery and Deli ( The Picasso story began in 1989 with the dream of two people, owners and operators Vincent and Maria DeRosa. Their objective was to cater to … Read More

Success Story of Karl Kani

Karl Kani got his start in the Brooklyn projects, peddling logo-emblazoned tees and baggy linen suits sewn by his fathers tailor. In 1999, he developed a business plan with his accountants to start his own urban sportswear company, Karl Kani, … Read More

Honoring Your Heritage Elizabeth An

The An Family Collection is the umbrella name for the many restaurants under it. Those restaurants consist of Crustacean and Thahn Long, the original restaurant opened by the family. Elizabeth An (323-460-4387) is the CEO and “visionary” of the company. … Read More

The Story is the nation’s first online provider of comprehensive legal documentation services. The basic goal of the business is to be of assistance and convenience to those who need to take care of routine, uncontested legal matters without the time … Read More

Building on the Basics – Maxwell Lee

Maxwell Lee is the owner of ADENNA, INC., a manufacturer and distributor of latex rubber gloves. It currently supplies 1 billion gloves throughout the United States as well as to Mexico and Canada. He came upon the idea after speaking … Read More

The Story of Calleen Cordero Designs

At age fifteen, Calleen Cordero began working in a high-end boutique in northern California, igniting her passion for footwear. By age sixteen, she was traveling to Europe, working full time as a buyer. She moved to marketing and sales, helping … Read More

Profitable Non-Profits – Mark Victor Hansen

In Secrets of Success, the author of Cracking the Millionaire Code, Mark Victor Hansen (, talks about the value in philanthropy in a business.