Finding a Business Niche – John W. Murray Jr.

In Secrets of Success, John W. Murray, Jr. of the Southern California Minority Business Development Council ( stresses the importance of networking, which is building a relationship. When networking, try to find common ground, find out the needs of the … Read More

Top Minority Business – Panda Express

In a highly saturated fast-food industry, the Asian owned Panda fast food enterprise is conquering the taste buds of Americans with gourmet Chinese cuisine. Andrew Cherng started the enterprise with his father in 1973. With a SBA loan they set … Read More

Expert Advice With Richard Chang

Mr. Richard Chang, of Richard Chang Associates, Inc. gives some expert business advice.

Karl Kani – From The Brooklyn Projects

Karl Kani got his start in the Brooklyn projects, peddling logo-emblazoned tees and baggy linen suits sewn by his father’s tailor. In 1999, he developed a business plan with his accountants to start his own urban sportswear company, Karl Kani, … Read More