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Entrepreneur Explorer

What makes an entrepreneur tick? If you care even a little bit about hearing them tell you their personal stories then join me in my adventures. … Read More

Nelson Davis and Michele Ruiz

Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

Nelson Davis with Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

MAKING IT! Business Unusual – Rick Ayres (Bulldog Brewery, Los Angeles)

Are you ready for a beverage business startup? Watch this episode of MAKING IT! Business Unusual and you will find out. Nelson Davis talks to guest Rick Ayres of Bulldog Brewery in Los Angeles (http://www.BulldogBrewery.co) and give him the practical … Read More

I’m a Customer Damn It!

The older I get, the more I enjoy a helpful interchange with people who work diligently for businesses of any size. But, with each passing day, businesses who covet my dollars seem to want me, the supposed customer to do … Read More

A Capitol Trip

Last week I traveled back east for two wonderful reunions, one a biennial gathering with my extended family and the other was an angst riddled glimpse of my tax dollars at work in Washington DC. The DC portion is a … Read More

The Call to Action

This week I received an interesting call from a small business owner who needs some help getting sponsors for a poetry project. Separately I spoke with a friend’s daughter who is graduating from college next month and is dealing with … Read More