A Pandemic Recession Holds a Lesson (Nelson Davis)

A Pandemic Recession Holds a Lesson

Just reading a few paragraphs of history lets me know that pandemics are a very corrosive acid to job markets. If job offers become depressively scarce it may be time to place a respirator on the scary thought of starting your own business now. … Read More

Kimberly Lamar – “A Video Start-Up Adventure” – MAKING IT! Business Unusual

The purpose of this G+ Hangout is to learn from experienced small business owners. Kimberly Lamar, in conversation with Nelson Davis (http://MakingItTV.com) will share wisdom and insights into the world of business start-ups. Kimberly has started her business in partnership … Read More

MAKING IT! Business Unusual – Rick Ayres (Bulldog Brewery, Los Angeles)

Are you ready for a beverage business startup? Watch this episode of MAKING IT! Business Unusual and you will find out. Nelson Davis talks to guest Rick Ayres of Bulldog Brewery in Los Angeles (http://www.BulldogBrewery.co) and give him the practical … Read More

Tim Winebrenner On The Radio Business – MAKING IT! Business Unusual

In conversation with Nelson Davis of Making It! Business Unusual, Tim Winebrenner offers insight for the radio business.

More Jobs—Steve and Small Business

Many thousands of words have been written about Steve Jobs as a visionary and titan during the past week. They are well deserved. Today however, I’m looking in on his life as an inspiring story for the small business owners … Read More

Trump This

Just when you think that you’ve heard everything about Donald Trump, there’s another chapter being written in the semi fictional book of his life. Last week, I was in New York, the place where he has marked out his most … Read More

Going Gaga for Business

Just one year ago the pop music phenomenon known as Lady Gaga was preparing to perform at Palm Springs California’s White Party, perhaps the largest Gay men’s celebration in the country. I’m sure it was a career step up for … Read More