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Time Tells A Story

Smart in Any Language When my company put the small business TV show “Making It” on the air in 1989 the very first story in episode #1 was the fascinating tale of a brother and sister team of business owners … Read More

MAKING IT! Business Unusual – Rick Ayres (Bulldog Brewery, Los Angeles)

Are you ready for a beverage business startup? Watch this episode of MAKING IT! Business Unusual and you will find out. Nelson Davis talks to guest Rick Ayres of Bulldog Brewery in Los Angeles (http://www.BulldogBrewery.co) and give him the practical … Read More

By Women, For Women – Wendi Williams-Stern

Wendi Williams-Stern (www.bathqol.com) was an R&B singer in the 1990s. When her entertainment career slowed down, she redirected her energy to starting a business. She created BAT(H)QOL, which means “heavenly voice,” and began designing handbags. After enjoying a great deal … Read More

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons – Confessions of a Life-Long Entrepreneur

On Monday, I will be delivering the opening keynote address at the Urban Entrepreneurship Summit at Rutgers Business School in Newark, which is being co-hosted by the White House. It is a pleasure to work closely with this great president … Read More

Dick Clark’s Business Lesson

I was fortunate enough to know Dick Clark and receive the benefit of him sharing a number of his experiences as a business owner. Like so many others, I first became aware of Dick as the host of American Bandstand … Read More

An Unwitting Entrepreneur – My Mother

I must admit that the word entrepreneur never crossed my lips until I was an adult with a subscription to Forbes Magazine. You see, I grew up in a family of four children and two parents living in the Center … Read More