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Entrepreneur Explorer

What makes an entrepreneur tick? If you care even a little bit about hearing them tell you their personal stories then join me in my adventures. … Read More

Honoring Your Heritage Elizabeth An

The An Family Collection is the umbrella name for the many restaurants under it. Those restaurants consist of Crustacean and Thahn Long, the original restaurant opened by the family. Elizabeth An (323-460-4387) is the CEO and “visionary” of the company. … Read More

Small Business and Politics

Right now political discussions are like so much confetti that seems to be dropped on us every day whether we want it or not. This is the season when political aspirants show their love and attention like no other time. … Read More

Grateful Thoughts on Business

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. Marcus Tullius Cicero We are nearing the end of a year that has been obviously challenging for most of us, including even the most ambitious … Read More

Brotherhood of Entrepreneurs

My TV screen, like yours has been filled with images of chaos and anger from the streets of Cairo. I think that many Americans feel a kinship with Egypt because we’ve heard about the country’s history since our childhoods. Since … Read More

What Small Business Owners Really Want

We are in that hazy netherworld that seems to sneak up on us near the end of every year. We wonder where the time went, what the New Year will hold and how we can take our enterprise to what … Read More