united-states-capitol-Minimum Wage Legislation Can Bring Maximum Misery

Minimum Wage Legislation Can Bring Maximum Misery

The Congressional Budget office has issued a report that estimates 1.4 million jobs would disappear. What they can’t tell us is how many people would be passed over in the first place because they’d be too expensive to even interview for some jobs. … Read More

Nelson speaking on -The Wisdom of 1000 Entrepreneurs- to the Santa Monica

The Wisdom of 1000 Entrepreneurs

Nelson Davis was speaking on “The Wisdom of 1000 Entrepreneurs” to the Santa Monica Rotary Club.

Nelson Davis and Michele Ruiz

Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

Nelson Davis with Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

Television Appearances

As a founder of several businesses and having interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, Nelson Davis enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone who is “Making It!”

Time Tells A Story - Nelson Davis Productions

Time Tells A Story

Smart in Any Language When my company put the small business TV show “Making It” on the air in 1989 the very first story in episode #1 was the fascinating tale of a brother and sister team of business owners … Read More

Kimberly Lamar – “A Video Start-Up Adventure” – MAKING IT! Business Unusual

The purpose of this G+ Hangout is to learn from experienced small business owners. Kimberly Lamar, in conversation with Nelson Davis (http://MakingItTV.com) will share wisdom and insights into the world of business start-ups. Kimberly has started her business in partnership … Read More

MAKING IT! Business Unusual – Rick Ayres (Bulldog Brewery, Los Angeles)

Are you ready for a beverage business startup? Watch this episode of MAKING IT! Business Unusual and you will find out. Nelson Davis talks to guest Rick Ayres of Bulldog Brewery in Los Angeles (http://www.BulldogBrewery.co) and give him the practical … Read More

Tim Winebrenner On The Radio Business – MAKING IT! Business Unusual

In conversation with Nelson Davis of Making It! Business Unusual, Tim Winebrenner offers insight for the radio business.

American Honda (1/3) – Dana Hali

Making It! TV Presents: American Honda with Dana Hali of CeteraMarkeing. We love telling the inspiring stories of small business owners across America. Whether they have one employee or one thousand, they embody the spirit that has made our country … Read More