Top Tax Trends For 2013

In 2012, taxes made headlines and it is likely that taxes will continue to be at the forefront in 2013. Congress needs to act on many measures impacting small businesses. The IRS is in gear to continue or initiate a … Read More

We Did Build That

During any heatedly contested political battle, passions and rhetoric run hot and it’s easy for the combatants to stumble off the page and into the ever present political quicksand. I write about small business, not politics, but the candidates vying … Read More

Trump This

Just when you think that you’ve heard everything about Donald Trump, there’s another chapter being written in the semi fictional book of his life. Last week, I was in New York, the place where he has marked out his most … Read More

The State of Things

President Obama gave the traditional State of the Union speech and the political pundits have earned their paychecks by parsing it with a passion. I’m always about the small business ramifications of what happens inside the Washington beltway and know … Read More