Off the Books and Underground

Some years ago while taking a walking tour in downtown Los Angeles, the tour guide waved his hand at a commercial strip on Broadway and said something that stayed in my mind. “More cash changes hands every Saturday on this … Read More

Small Business Essentials

In response to a recent e-mail question regarding how to succeed in a small business venture, I began to distill what I’ve learned from over one-thousand business owners of all sizes, categories and ethnicities. They are people whose television stories … Read More

A Small Business Wiki Leak

Conflict is what I feel about the current plight of Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder. I’m an advocate for small business and believe that he is a fellow small business owner. On the other hand I’m not sure that his … Read More

Helped by “The Help”

A motion picture titled “The Help” is proving to be a surprise late summer box office hit and after watching it recently, I wanted to know more about the author of the book on which the film was based. Among … Read More

Business Ownership—the Ultimate Benefit Program

The horrific wrangling, finger pointing and just plain denial that has been going on in Washington DC during recent weeks isn’t really about raising the debt ceiling. Beyond the ever present politics, it’s about spending future generations’ financial heritage on … Read More

Dare to Dream Big

At this time of year I think that most small business owners are fully ready to give the old year a grand heave-ho and activate their dreams for the year ahead. The general consensus among the smaller business owners I … Read More

What Small Business Owners Really Want

We are in that hazy netherworld that seems to sneak up on us near the end of every year. We wonder where the time went, what the New Year will hold and how we can take our enterprise to what … Read More